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As a partner, we support brands to reach their online full potential.

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As incubator, we invest to scale promising brands leveraging our global operating infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology platform.


LN-CC, a global fashion platform based in Dalston, East London, has redefined fashion since 2010. Known for our experiential retail space, we blend luxury with emerging talent, offering a unique experience for young luxury consumers that bridges the past, present, and future of style.


Launched in 2015 by J.J. Martin, La DoubleJ began as a shoppable magazine and soon took flight in 2017 with original collections of new, feel- good fashion and homeware smothered in eye-popping prints, cut with easy glamour.Rooted in maximalist prints and the mood-boosting powers of chakra-conscious colors, La DoubleJ has established a unique ebullient identity designed to elevate one’s state along with one’s style.


Scarosso is an Italian luxury footwear brand headquartered in Milan, Italy. The brand primarily manufacture their products in the heart of Italy, specifically in Montegranaro, Marche. Scarosso product portfolio includes a wide variety of meticulously handcrafted shoes and accessories for Men and Women, all thoughtfully designed to offer a contemporary interpretation of timeless classics.


An exclusive marketplace dedicated to curating and delivering the most refined design creations with the utmost attention and care.


The pioneer of American style, renowned as the highest authority, with a selection of elegant and contemporary clothes, sets the standard for modern fashion.